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Lydia Cellist - Composer, Arranger and Cellist (3)

Spanish cellist Lidia Alonso is an active performer.

She plays the Cello, Baroque Cello and Electric Cello.

She is based in London but regurlarly plays around Europe.

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In 2014/15 2015/16 higlights include premieres by composers


In 2009 she founded Trio Artres in Madrid.


In her solo performances she works regularly with pianists


In 2012 she recorded a live recital of works by Britten, Schostakovich and Rachmaninov for RNE and ETB. Nowadays she is a member of Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester an se has a collaborative place in Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.

She has participated in a number of festivals ;


She also attended Pablo Casals Summer Academy and Cagliari Summer Academy.

At present she is committed to a number of performance activities in Europe.

During her studies in Spain and in London she participated in masterclasses led by


Lidia started her studies in Santander at the age of eight. She also began chamber music and orchestral studies at this early age. She graduated with top marks from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid with Prof Iagoba Fanlo and Royal Academy of Music of London with Prof David Strange (Prof Emeritus at RAM), and baroque cellist Joey Crouch. She got Music Awards including “Marcelino Botin Award”

In competitions she was a finalist in the Intercentros Melomano in 2008 and in the Wilfrid Parry Brahms competition in 2013.

She has started a collaborative work with composers M.Sarti, A.Noguera, J.A.Simarro, M.Bustamante, bass player Miguel Angel Chastang, among others.

Lidia Alonso plays on a cello she commissioned from Jean Seyral.

  • Gustav Mahler Jugendorchestre
  • Royal Academy Symphony Orchestra and Royal Academy Chamber Orchestra
  • Spanish National Youth Orchestra
  • Euskal Herria Youth Orchestra – principal


  • Artes Trio (clarinet, cello and piano): resident chamber group of RCSMM. Performances in Segovia, Madrid, Santander.
  • Cello – Piano duo:
    • Tobias Haunhorst: performances in London
    • Omar-Jonatás Sánchez: performances in Santander International Festival, Vitoria, Madrid, Segovia.
    • Alastair Finlay: Performances in London. Finalist Wilfrid Parry Prize 2011
  • Emilio González Sanz: performances in Madrid, Málaga
  • Santander String Quartet (London): Performances in London
  • Piano Trio (London): Performances in London
  • Cello Duo. “A Cello Tale” Lidia Alonso & Pedro Peláez
  • Palacio de Festivales, Spain. Santander International Festival
  • Abbey St Martin de Cuxa 60 Prades International Festival
  • Don Luis de Borbón Palace, Spain. International Festival
  • Youth Music Center London. Cello assistant
  • Cello master class in “Ataulfo Argenta” Conservatory in Santander (1-8 ABRSM grades)
  • Private teacher working both with children and adults at all levels
  • Larion10 Studio, Florence, Italy: Opera The Wardrobe
  • Goldsmith Studio, London: Game of Thrones and Zelda
  • Marditos Roedores Studio, Spain: Momento para violonchelo solo J.A.Simarro (premier)
  • EMI studio. Royal Academy of Music, London: Brahms Cello Sonata E Minor. (St John’s Smith Square)
  • Light Knight Productions, Spain: Bach Suite BWV1007; Christmas Carol (Bach Suite BWV1012)
  • RNE Clásica, Spain. Interview + concert (RNE studio): Rota (trio clarinet, cello and piano)
  • RNE Clásica, Spain. Concert (Marcelino Botin Hall): Britten, De Monasterio, Paganini & Shostakovich
  • ETB (Spain). Film and documental music. Euskal Herria Youth Orchestra (principal): Wagner
  • Davide Fensi. The Wardrobe. Opera for 7 instruments, percussion and voice – Florence, Italy 2016
  • Antonio Noguera. A vostra santa voluntat op.119 for cello and piano – Craxton Studios, London2016
  • David del Puerto. London Little Suite for cello solo (to Lidia Alonso) – Craxton Studios, London 2016
  • Miguel Bustamante. Quasi una cadenza op.4c for cello solo – St Marys Church Notholt, London 2016
  • Davide Fensi. Meditation on a tale for saxo and cello – Royal Academy of Music, London2015
  • Michele Sarti. Abendgebet for cello solo & Fragment interrogatif for cello solo David Josefowitz Hall 2014
  • Juan Antonio Simarro. Momento para violonchelo solo (to Lidia Alonso) – Botin Foundation Santander 2015
  • Wilfrid Parry Prize (London): Finalist year 2013
  • Melomano Intercentros Spain: Finalist year 2008
  • Marcelino Botin Award during the Bachelor of Music in Madrid 2008-2012
  • Spanish Government Award during the MA in Performance 2013 – 2015
  • Royal Academy of Music, London:
    • Professional Diploma in Contemporary Music  2015-2016
    • Master of Arts in Performance Dip RAM. Baroque cello (second study)  2013-2015
  • Royal Conservatory of Madrid: Bachelor of Music (dist) 2008-2012
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